Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meet Kara

I've been developing a character named Kara. She is 25, has long naturally straight auburn hair, and blue eyes. She is a witch and she helps people. Here is a small excerpt I've been working on to develop her a little further.

"Kara, you've got to get down to the warehouse district as soon as possible," the woman's voice on my answering machine sounded vaguely familiar and slightly out of breath as if they had tried to calm themselves before placing the call. "I can't tell you any details ... but please come quickly," there was a gasp, then the woman screamed, "Dear God what is that!" I heard what sounded like the phone being dropped, then a snarl followed by a scream, and the message ended.

"I can't even go to the damn gym without the world coming to an end," I thought to myself. I knew I needed to get down to the warehouse district and figure out what was going on but not before I took a few precautionary steps. I dialed the phone as I opened a can of dog food for Lily. Terrence answered on the fourth ring, right as I was thinking about hanging up. "Kara, what's happened this time," Terrence asked in his painfully deep voice. "Got a message on my machine when I got home from the gym from some woman telling me to go down to the warehouse district. I think you need to come over here and listen to it," I replied.

"We can never really get a day off, can we," Terrence asked.

 "Apparently not. Now get your butt over here and listen to this message. If it's what I'm thinking it is, we need to get moving fast."

Terrence and I are partners. We work for the Dallas, Texas Police Department's Supernatural office, Heinous Crimes division. There was a time, long before I was even born, that people didn't know about the things that go bump in the night, they thought they were only legends and myths, but things vastly changed when the third world war broke out. China developed a new super soldier by combining vampire, were, and witch blood, but of course it was unstable because the species are not meant to be mixed. All the supernaturals created an elite force to stop the unstable creatures. That is when the world found out about supernaturals because they couldn't cover up the force (and it didn't help that some of the team got cocky and wanted recognition for saving the world).

So this is where I'm going to end the story for now. I'll work on it some more later and add more. Hopefully you guys like it as much as I'm enjoying writing it. Share your thoughts!


  1. Loving the idea for this, and trying oh so hard to push down the natural editor in myself as I know I'm not perfect for writing either. Excited to read more, somewhat reminds me of the idea behind This Witch For Hire - which is a favourite book of mine, so can't wait for more!

  2. Thanks! I know it's a little rough, editing wasn't really on my mind that much. I just had an idea and wanted to work on it and that's what this blog is for lol. It is sort of similar to This Witch For Hire. I love that series and I'm kind of combining ideas from that series and the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. If it gets to looking to close to those books I'll stop writing it altogether because I don't want it to be a knock off. I'll polish it more later as I develop it more, but this was just to get the initial writing out there. I know there's a lot missing and editorially messed up in it currently lol. I'm glad you like it though.

  3. WoooHooo! I didn't know about this. I'm so glad you added this link too, if not my loopy self would have never founded. I like Kara very much, she is a feisty one. And like SilverFox said, it kind of reminds me of Rachel Morgan.

  4. I grabbed you cute button. And I LOVE this blog's layout.